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DJ DGAP-DD: Dürr Aktiengesellschaft english

DJ DGAP-DD: Dürr Aktiengesellschaft english

Notification concerning transactions by persons performing managerial responsibilities pursuant to section 15a of the WpHG Directors' Dealings notification transmitted by DGAP - a company of EquityStory AG. The person with duty of notification is solely responsible for the content of this announcement. =----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Details of the person subject to the disclosure requirement Company: Heinz Dürr GmbH Person performing managerial responsibilities, triggering the disclosure requirement for the legal person Details of the person performing managerial responsibilities Position: Member of an administrative or supervisory body Information about the transaction with duty of notification Description of the financial instrument: No-par bearer common share ISIN/WKN of the financial instrument: DE0005565204 Type of transaction: Buy of shares Date: 30.01.2009 Price: 10.00 Currency: EUR No. of items: 12500.00 Total amount traded: 125000.00 Place: Außerbörslich / Off-exchange Explanation for publication: Heinz Dürr GmbH is required to report pursuant to Section 15a (1) 2 in conjunction with Section 15a (3) 2 of the German Securities Trading Act, since Heinz Dürr, as Chairman of Dürr AG's Supervisory Board, is a person with management functions at issuer Dürr AG in the meaning of Section 15a (2) of the Securities Trading Act, who performs such functions as Managing Director at Heinz Dürr GmbH. Information about the company with duty of publication Issuer: Dürr Aktiengesellschaft Otto-Dürr-Strasse 8 70435 Stuttgart - Zuffenhausen Deutschland ISIN: DE0005565204 WKN: 556520 End of Directors' Dealings Notification (c) DGAP 04.02.2009 Financial News transmitted by DGAP ID 8923

(END) Dow Jones Newswires

February 04, 2009 09:38 ET (14:38 GMT)

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